Our Whole Souul Living Theme for March is Grace. The Universalist side of our heritage held grace as God’s free and unmerited love and blessing, the salvation of ALL souls. While the terminology of grace arose in Christianity, experiences of grace as oneness, glimpses of the holy, or healing transformation can be found across the world’s religions and traditions. Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker urges Unitarian Universalists to “open ourselves to the possibility that there are sources beyond ourselves that sustain us, transform us, save us, that hold us tight in the arms of life.”

Below are some questions for us to consider individually and communally this month. Over the next couple of weeks, make some time to share and discuss the following with someone else at First Unitarian.

• Do you consider grace a religious value of First Unitarian? Of Unitarian Universalism? Why or why not?

• Where in your life have you struggled with grace?

• Did you experience grace as a child? Do you experience it now? • Describe a grace-filled moment that you felt in a group setting—here at First Unitarian, school, community service, etc.? How was it different than more solitary experiences?

• Observing the close relationship of words like graceful,“ gracious, and gratitude to the word “grace,” how can we develop a higher capacity for being agents of grace to others? To the planet?