Sunday December 17th

10:00a at Manual High School

Preparing to Host Unusual Guests by Cindy Pinchus, Consulting Minister



This Week

Tuesday, December 19th, 7:00p, Stella's Coffee House, 1476 S. Pearl Street, Denver.
Have you wanted to become a member of First Unitarian?  This Sunday you will have the opportunity. There will be a book signing ceremony during the service. If you are interested in signing, there is a little Paper work to fill out. We will have blank copies available at the service. If you have questions contact Mary Hilken at 202-483-4212, or Noelle Botti at 303-725-9927.
This Christmas eve, our service will include a moment where we reflect on the new births that brought new life during this year. If you would like to share the name of a child born in 2017, along with the names of that child’s parent(s)/guardian(s), please send the information to Erin Kenworthy by December 20th. Names will be read and a candle lit on the dais for each child celebrated during the service.

Making a Difference

An Open Letter About Brock Turner

This post is not officially from First Unitarian Society of Denver, just a personal statement by Senior Minister, Rev. Mike Morran. 


The 4th Principle of Unitarian Universalism is: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Certainly there is a category of empirical truth to the physical world. Just as certainly there is a category of more subjective truth that will vary from person to person. Still, in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we take the question of religious truth very seriously. It was the search for truth and a more authentic religious experience that led us to break away from more traditional Christianity.