Friends of Sabeel monthly program presents:

 Monday, March 27  7-9 pm
 Augustana Lutheran Church, 5000 E. Alameda use the Fairfax Street entrance
Iyad Burnat is a leader of the non-violent resistance against Israel's wall being built on his village's land in Bil'in in the Palestinian West Bank. He leads the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Annexation Wall and Settlements—to protest Israel's theft of their lands for Israel's settlements and wall. Every Friday in the village, after Friday prayers, people march out to protest this theft of land - local villagers, joined by others from nearby villages as well as Israeli and international visitors supporting their struggle.
Bil'in is known for its creative non-violent demonstrations which were the subject of a film, Five Broken Cameras, made by Iyad's brother Imad.
Iyad will be touring the US to introduce his new book, Bil'in and the Nonviolent Resistance. He is winner of the 2015 James Lawson Award for Excellence in the Practice of Nonviolence, presented by the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC).
Come hear Iyad speak about Bil'in's decades-long struggle for justice and freedom through his first-hand experience.