Proudly a Covenantal tradition, Covenant is our Whole Souul Living Theme for April.  In Unitarian Universalism, we are distrustful of creeds, and we mean something fairly specific when we talk about covenant.  Covenant for us is not a contract or specific promise.  Rather, our covenant is a statement of our highest, mutual aspirations.  The underlying religious premise is that how we actually live our lives is more important than what we might individually believe theologically.

Some of the essential understandings of being a covenanted community are:  We enter a covenant of our own free will; there is no guilt or no coercion of any kind.  We understand that our covenant is a living thing; our best current understanding which we hope will deepen or expand over time.  And, we understand that a communal covenant implies mutuality.  That is, we will be respect each other enough, to be honest enough, to call each other back into covenant on those days when we don’t live up to those mutual aspirations.

Some questions for communal reflection:

  • What are your deepest aspirations?  For your relationships?  For yourself in community?
  • How do you articulate the underlying values that support those aspirations?
  • In what ways to you give life to your aspirations?
  • In what ways have you fallen short?
  • To whom, or to what, are you accountable?