FUSD has a place for everyone with time and an open heart to volunteer in various areas of church and community service.  Join us in service in these and many more church activities.  We need your help!

Do you think The Religious Education (RE) classrooms are overcrowded and bursting at the seams? Well - you can do something about it by becoming a volunteer RE greeter, or add your name to the list of interested individuals should RE be offered during the 9:30 am service and the 11:00 am service. We certainly aren't constrained by space - we lack committed, dedicated, & reliable teachers to better utilize our existing facilities.

Would you like to serve on one of the Committees and Teams, Choir, or want to help with one of the social justice projects like the Women's Homeless Initiative or the Family Promise, directly?

The Rev. Kathleen McTigue, director of the UU College of Social Justice recently reminds us of the personal benefit to seeking justice and why volunteering for an organization working to improve our community is so important. She said: "Our Unitarian Universalist faith teaches that all life is connected - both in ways obvious to us and in ways we can never fully know. This lends a deep urgency to any struggle for justice, especially when those suffering are the most vulnerable."

If you would like to learn more about volunteering and getting connected, please contact the church office or the program you are interested in directly from the forms, contacts, and links listed on this website.