UU Jokes About Coffee

  • Three buildings catch on fire-a catholic church, a temple, and a UU church. The priest rushes into the burning building and brings out the crucifix. The Rabbi rushes in and brings out the Torah. And what does the UU minister save? The coffee pot.

  • How many UU's does it take to change a light bulb?   Hard to say. Let's discuss it over coffee. 

  • What would cause a crisis of faith in a Unitarian?   Offering one a choice between coffee hour and a discussion of coffee hour!

  • At show-and-tell day at school, the children are requested to bring in an item that illustrates their religious beliefs. One child stands up and says, "This is a Star of David and I am a Jew." Another child stands up and says, "This is a crucifix and I am a Catholic." Another child stands up and says, "This is a coffeepot and I am a Unitarian Universalist."

  • A man was being given a tour of hell by the devil. "This is the area where we keep people who have violated the food taboos of their religion," the devil said. "Behind this first door are the Catholics. These are the ones who ate meat on Friday. Behind the second door are the Jews. They all ate pork. Behind the third door are the Unitarians." The man looked puzzled. The devil clarified, "They didn't partake of tofu, hummus, or fair-trade coffee."