Ministerial Care

One of FUSD’s most important missions is to provide support and care for members and friends during times of loss, illness and transitions.

Pastoral Services

Our staff ministers are available for support during times of need.  Contact the church office or one of our ministers directly to ask for this service.

Counseling and Support

Our staff ministers provide confidential, short-term pastoral counseling and support for the community. Typical calls for ministerial support include crisis intervention, emotional/spiritual difficulties, relationship and family issues, health matters or hospitalization, substance abuse, spousal abuse, adolescent and children’s counseling, parenting, mental health, and other personal matters.  When a member of the church or extended community prefers integrating spiritual or religious understanding into how they address their problems, our ministerial staff can competently facilitate this process.  Counseling and support are considered an important part of our ministry at First Unitarian Society of Denver.  Referrals to physicians, therapists, spiritual directors, and mental health professionals are given as appropriate. Counseling and support are considered an important part of our ministry at First Unitarian Society of Denver.

Pastoral Prayer

Joys, sorrows, and concerns are shared with the congregation most weeks during the services. Ask for inclusion by emailing, leaving a voice message for Mike Morran, or by speaking directly with the minister or other member of the office staff. You may choose to include your name or not.

Memorial Services and Memorial Receptions

First Unitarian has been honored to have so many wonderful, talented and dedicated people call our congregation their spiritual home. We would like to honor the memory of those who have passed.  Friends and family are invited to donate to First Unitarian Society of Denver in honor of their loved one to help with the continuing work of this church.

In Memoriam | Memorial Gift
First Unitarian Society of Denver
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To schedule memorial services, discuss hospice concerns, or wish to contact the church regarding end of life family decisions & counseling please contact our church administrator. Our ministers have both the training and experience to help family members and friends understand death, dying, and grief. This transition is painful, but a part of life’s cycle and talking about your feelings often gives comfort.

FUSD can also help plan and conduct memorial services for members and friends.  The Caring Committee is available to help plan memorial receptions. For help with Memorial Services, or to set up a memorial gift to honor the life and contributions of the deceased, Contact the church office.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Limited funds can be provided to pay directly for transportation, food, housing/utilities, medical care, childcare, or other emergency needs. Contact Mike Morran, minister.

Congregational Support

The Caring Committee

The Caring Committee assists in organizing meals, rides, counseling, cards, and other services for friends and members during times of crisis and transition.  To learn more, click here.

CORE Circles

Creative Open Religious Exploration is composed of many small groups that meet monthly to share spiritual exploration, support, and personal growth. For more information, click here.

FUSD Library/Caring Committee Resources

The Caring Committee section of the library has materials about care-giving, illness, grieving, and other life challenges.  It also contains light books and movies to provide diversion for the confined and their caregivers.  Materials may be checked out by anyone, returned any time, and, if they get lost, there is no penalty. Contact Marty Dawley about suggestions, contributions, or needs or visit the library in the church basement.