Core Circle - Timelines

Opening Words:

From the UU Hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, use selection 440 by Rev. Phillip Hewett




Draw a horizontal line on a sheet of paper. At the left margin make a dot and write the date of your birth; at the right margin make another dot and write the current date. In the space between your birth and today, locate and list some of the following:
1) Life happens in space. What are the places in which significant things have happened to you, how did you get there, and why did you leave?
2) All life is meeting others. Who are three or four people who have had the greatest impact on your life? Why were they important, and how did you meet them?
3) Experiences shape our religious faith. What are two, three, or four formative experiences, when did they occur, and why are they important to you?
4) We live in communities. Which communities, religious or not, have had lasting influence on your development?
5) We are choosing creatures. Think of the important decisions in your life. How and when did you make them, and what was the result?
6) Life is made of joy and sorrow. List a few of the happiest and saddest points on your line.


Fill in as much of your line as you are able, then share.

PLEASE NOTE: unless you are unusually ambitious, you need not try to include everything listed.  Considering that many of the six categories overlap anyway, choose three (or more if you must) that speak to you.

Materials needed: paper, pencils or pens, colored markers or crayons

Likes and Wishes


Closing Words:

“Take courage friends.

The way is often hard, the path is never clear,

and the stakes are high.

Take courage.

For deep down, there is another truth.

You are not alone.”

- Wayne Arnason