In a wonderful allegory, Rev. Barbara Pescan wrote:  One of the old ones stood up into the morning light and spoke to those who had come back to the river: "Now we have come again to this place; it is a good thing. My life apart from you is not as strong. Yes, I have danced and I have told the stories at my own fire and I have sung to all the six directions.  But when I am with you, my friends, I know better who it is in me that sings.”  This month, you are encouraged to reflect deeply on Community; your own longing for community, the joys and the difficulties of community.  Within this community, please find opportunities to share with each other your reflections on the following questions.


  • How do we want to be in community? 
  • How do we want others to be? 
  • What behavior or assumptions foster a sense of community?
  • Relate an experience of being in community.
  • Relate an experience of being excluded from community.
  • What do you need to know about me; and what do I need to know about you?