Common Ground


Common Ground is our Whole Souul Living Theme for March. In a world that insistently tries to divide us from one another, the central proposition of our faith is that, There is a Unity that makes us One.

Rev. Victoria Safford’s wrote; We are alone yet intricately bound, inextricably connected to soil and stream and forest, to sun and corn and melting snow. We are alone yet bound by stories we cannot get out of to ancestors and descendants we will never meet. And all these natural conditions, these bonds we did not forge ourselves and yet cannot deny, are the strands of a theology, the seeds of faith, the beginning of re-ligion, of binding all things.

  • Below are some questions for personal and communal reflection:
  • Relate an experience with finding or creating Common Ground with another human being.
  • What conditions, context, or background allowed this to happen?
  • One of the paradoxical truths of being human is the privacy we experience within our own thoughts, and the common (universal) experience of this privacy among all people. How much Common Ground do you believe exists among the inner experience of people?
  • One result of Common Ground awareness is compassion. How can our community teach this? To ourselves? To each other? To our children? To our larger community?
  • What are the limits of compassion? Does compassion ever become destructive?