An Open Letter About Brock Turner

This post is not officially from First Unitarian Society of Denver, just a personal statement by Senior Minister, Rev. Mike Morran. 

Brock Turner is a predatory rapist.  The fact that he is also white, connected, athletic, and has access to expensive lawyers does not change this fact.  The statements issued by himself and his father demonstrate that neither of them have regard or respect for the woman he intentionally violated without consent.  The act itself and the statements they made clearly imply that they have no respect or regard for women in general, their rights, bodies, or self-determination.

The fact that judge in this case returned such an absurdly light sentence, especially relative to how people of color are treated by the justice system, adds profound insult to injury for women, people of color, and people without resources.  This is not justice.

To be clear, I am not simply advocating for a longer prison sentence.  Mere punishment, which our whole system is based upon, is far too simplistic and rarely equals real justice.  The victim in this case, as in so many other cases, deserves active and meaningful restitution for what was done to her by Brock Turner, for what was done to her by the justice system, AND for the social/cultural system that fed Brock Turner and the justice system.  That job belongs to all of us, all the time.

In Faith,

Rev. Mike