2018 Justice Project Call

Call for Social Justice Projects

By Eric Mott, Member, Faith in Action Council (FIAC)


First Unitarian Society of Denver’s Faith-in-Action Program invites and encourages church members and friends to work together towards effective social justice while supporting each other in the spirit of UU principles.


Justice focused, Inclusive, Respectful, Faith-based, Supportive, Integrated throughout the congregation, Effective, and Accountable,

Each year at First Unitarian’s May congregational meeting, the congregation votes on social justice projects we want to give our attention and financial resources to support. Congregationally approved Projects usually receive a 2-year approval after which they must apply for project renewal.  This year’s projects are Hunger and Homelessness (Family Promise and Women’s Homelessness Initiative), Immigration Justice, Mental Well Being- I3, Gun Violence Prevention, and Racial Justice.

It is that time of year when FIAC solicits projects, new or recurring, for First Unitarian to support.

The process involves getting a small team, maybe 4 to 5 members, to plan a social project and submit an application for that project to FIAC.  We developed a user-friendly streamlined, interactive application to direct and simplify the process. The Faith in Action Council reviews the applications and provides feedback.  If the project furthers the FUSD Faith In Action mission and demonstrates its values, the FIAC will forward it to the congregation for discussion and possible approval at the Congregational Meeting.  Applications are due April 1 and may be submitted to any FIAC member listed below.

If you are or would like to be involved with social justice work and you think that others might like to join you in that work, consider checking the resources listed below and/or talk with FIAC member.  We are here to help you!

Stephanie Walton, Chair, stephaniewalton717@gmail.com

Amanda Parkhurst-Strout, aparkhurststrout@gmail.com

Eric Mott, elm733@gmail.com

Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, ndws@comcast.net

Renee Mapes, rmapes@hotmail.com

Ellen Cahill, FUSD Board liaison, etmchahill@aol.com


The Unitarian Universalist Association’s, SOCIAL JUSTICE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM HANDBOOK...supporting congregational action for transformational social change, www.uua.org/documents/aw/sje_handbook.pdf